Notification of the change of legal form


Respected Ladies and Gentlemen, we hereby inform You that as of January 3rd, 2023., Sławomir Paczkowski contributed his business, operated as a sole proprietorship under the name F. H. SP-FOOD Sławomir Paczkowski (NIP (tax id.) no.: 5541930598, REGON (stat.) no.: 221238680) by contribution in kind to the limited partnership bearing the name:


F. H. SP-FOOD Sławomir Paczkowski Sp. k.
address: Olchowa 35A, 81-198 Mosty, Poland
REGON (stat.) no.: 523957960, NIP (tax id.) no.: 5871738444, KRS (court reg.) no.: 0001008830


in which Sławomir Paczkowski acts as the general partner. In this way, starting January 3 rd, 2023, the indicated company had taken over the entire assets of the business of Sławomir Paczkowski (being an organised set of tangible and intangible components foreseen for the purpose of doing business), with the company continuing the activity of this enterprise.